Mito AET Program


·  Must be a U.S. Citizen.

·  If you have a dual citizenship of Japan and USA, you must renounce the Japanese Citizenship and provide proof  before applying for an Assistant English Teacher position. 

·  Be less than 30 years of age. But can be older.

·  Not have lived in Japan for 3 or more years.

·  Have excellent English skills in speaking and in writing

·  Be a native English speaker

·  Have a well-balanced way of thinking.

·  Have a genuine interest in teaching English in Japan.

·   An AET cannot have a tattoo or any facial hair.  They are considered socially-inappropriate behavior especially for an AET.

​*   Act as a role model for the students and motivate them as a teacher.

​*  Eat lunch with the students. 

​* Cleaning school with students. 

​* Love the Japanese culture and want to become part of it. 

· Complete the  Application form for Assistant English Teacher.

·   Complete the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

·    2 Color Passport Sized Photos taken within the last 3 months.   Plain white background.  Taken wearing business attire. Should not wear sunglasses or prescription glasses with a tint. 

·    Copy of your Passport with Stamps if you have traveled in Japan.

·    Resume to include all work and education details.

·    A Photocopy of your University Bachelor Degree.

  • Official paper transcripts for all university courses.

·    Or if you will graduate by July 2022,

proof of Anticipated Date of Graduation from your university also indicating the degree being awarded.

·    Have good mental and physical health.  Provide a letter of good health from your doctor.

·    Two Letters of recommendation from people who are not related to you.

·     Statement of Purpose Essay describing reasons for applying to this AET Program.

*    Be enthusiastic and eager to teach.

​*   Eager to learn new things.

*  Play with the Nursery,  Kindergarten and Elementary students at recess time.